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Zip Disk

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Zip Disk

One of the useful inventions in the early 90's is the zip drive that was originally designed to provide more storage capacity for the user compared to traditional 3.5-inch floppy disks. The zip drive uses of zip disks to store your data and what makes them more preferred over 3.5-inch floppy disks is the fact that they have higher storage capacities. The higher storage capacity of a zip disk is beneficial for storing more files and also allows it to become useful for creating back-up data.

The higher the better

When it comes to the storage capacity of zip disks, high-capacity disks are usually better so you can transport or store as much files as you need in one disk. zip disks can hold 100MB up to 750MB of data and they can only be read by the zip drive with the same capacity. For example, you can only access files from a 100MB zip disk using a 100MB zip drive. This is one of the characteristics of zip disks and zip drives that made them unfavorable for some users.

Standard or dual platform?

The storage capacity of zip disks can be determined according to their types like dual platform and the standard ones. Basically, standard zip disks can operate using a specific platform and they are available in 100MB up to 750MB variants. On the other hand is the dual platform zip disk that is compatible with multiple operating systems. Dual platform zip disks have a maximum storage capacity of up to 750MB.

Don't forget the transfer rate and compatibility

While the high-capacity zip disks are usually preferred for more data storage, don't forget to check on their compatibility with your operating system as well as their transfer rate. In terms of compatibility, go for dual platform zip disks if you are using multiple operating systems for different computers. For the transfer rate, the minimum for large files should be 8MB per second.

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