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yamaha bass

The FLW Tour Bass has much to offer to the fishermen participating in these derbies. The exterior FLW tournament was named after the famous founder of Ranger Boats incredible Mr. Forrest L. Wood. It is the organization of the tournament's largest and most famous located in the world. Thousands of fishermen have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in cash and prizes when they participate in these tournaments.

If you plan to participate in some tournaments, you may want to know what to expect at the FLW Tour Bass. This way you'll know in advance what the benefits of these tournaments have to offer. Being part of the FLW is fun and exciting and the information below gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Sale Price

Pro entry fees for the playoffs and FLW Tour FLW Series will be $ 4,000 and costs of co-registration for these fishermen is $ 700. The registration fee for the FLW Tour opens the fishermen will be $ 5000 and $ 800 for cooperation. Al consider all the great prizes offered to winners of these tournaments, you will see these fees are very reasonable.

The Tour ahead promises to be better than ever Wal-Mart FLW Tour and FLW Series tournaments

What To Expect at low FLW tour.

Instead of the traditional 200 ships in the soil will become in a field of 150 boats.
Pros volume in these tournaments must commit to fishing for six
FLW Tour qualifying or who can not enter.
The best gains for professionals is $ 125,000.
The best co-benefits for fishermen is $ 25,000.
Possible including Ranger Cup bonuses of $ 25,000 and $ 5,000.

High FLW Tour is as follows:

Payments for Open professionals will be $ 200,000.
Open for fishing co-payments will $ 40,000.
Possible Ranger Cup bonuses include 50,000 $ Y $ 10,000.
Disbursements of $ 10,000 for professionals to extend all the way to the 50th place in the tournament FLW Series and FLW Tour.

The prize reserved for the "2010 Forrest Wood Cup is 2.5 million and every program you have right is guaranteed to obtain a minimum of $ 7000. There will be a FLW Series Fish-off. In contrast, 20 professionals and fellow fishermen and FLW Series BP Eastern Division FLW Series National Guard West will be paid directly to the "2010 Forrest Wood Cup." Here, have a chance to win the largest prize ever offered in a fishery below the tower, which is 1 million.

The series of tournaments Stern

Stern tournament series will now be three days, four days instead. The maximum price of $ 25,000 Pro is a Ranger Cup bonus, which consists of a 198VX boat under. It will be equipped with a Yamaha or Evinrude engine speedboat 200 HP. The co-angler prestigious awards will now be a new Ranger 177TR Yamaha or Evinrude outboard boat of 90 horsepower with a Ranger Cup bonus of $ 5000.

Yamaha RBXA2 Bass

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