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Watt Power

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Watt Power

I took a look around Amazon.com for awhile and found a winner, the Cobra CPI 875 Power Inverter. At a tad over $50 and supposedly providing 800 watts continuous, I was a little skeptical if the unit could actually perform. The reviews on the site said nothing of the unit's performance, however; they were mainly complaining about the product description. I already had cables and didn't care if they came with them or not, so I went ahead and purchased the unit. Luckily, I had Amazon Prime at my disposal and opted for $3.99 next day shipping.

I received the unit the next day, but unfortunately, electricity was still out all over the place. However, it was also a good thing since it gave me a chance to test out the unit. It is packaged in a black plastic carrying case and comes with the battery cables needed for the connection. Being that the unit is rated for 800 watts, you cannot plug this into your standard cigarette lighter because you'll be likely to blow fuses or overload your car's wiring. Instead, you must connect the unit directly to the car battery via the included battery cable clamps.

The Cobra CPI 875 features two 120v AC power connections and an additional 5v USB port. Among the first electronic items I tested were my 50″ Plasma TV, a DVR, and an Xbox 360. The TV came on just fine, but let out a loud buzzing sound coming from the power supply area. This is because the power inverter outputs a modified sine wave which can induce noise. The DVR and Xbox 360 all ran perfectly as well, no buzzing from these components. I got fed up with the buzzing from the TV and switched to an LCD monitor. This time, the buzzing was much quieter, but it was still there. I ran the LCD monitor, Xbox 360, and my laptop off of the inverter for a combined total of over 12 hours in 2 days.

The inverter held up fantastically and did not drain my 2 batteries as much as I thought it would. I was able to run an LCD, Xbox 360, and laptop for over 5 hours before my battery voltage got too low for my liking (11.5v). I could've gone longer, but I did not want to risk dead batteries in the morning when I needed to leave. The Cobra CPI 875 did not heat up much either, in fact, it was cool to the touch throughout its usage. As far as the performance goes, I can't say much more because it performed when I needed it to and that's what counts to me. I don't have any doubts that it will last and I look forward to using it more.

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