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Visual Sound

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Visual Sound

A large black room, a DVD player, a home system and a huge screen, comfortable large bean bags and snacks and drinks on table and there you go. This is what a home theater actually is - an ultimate viewing and listening experience. They are designed to produce an awesome experience.

It's difficult to watch each and every movie in a theater. It needs a lot of time and effort to go and watch movie in theaters. And most people are so engrossed in their work that they simply don't get the time to go to theaters.

A normal TV set can never create such an amazing experience. There have been numerous changes for creating the right effects for "home cinema" and now the term Home theater denotes an ensemble of DVD players, multi channel amplifier, and five, seven or more speakers that are connected with each other through speaker wires and controlled by a remote control.

Home theater needs a special room to operate with absolute efficiency. A closed unit with no windows and just one narrow outlet is best for the best effects. They need large space for their upkeep therefore; the space employed should have enough space for installing them.

Home Theater Systems function to produce:

• Enhanced experience

• Qualitative video experience

• Surround sound experience

Home systems combine both audio-video technology and are compatible with the latest TV sets. A few home theater models you could choose from are:

Video con 5.1 Channel Home system with tower speakers: consist of 5 different speakers with inbuilt amplifier. These are super bass systems with individual channel volume control for ultimate sound effects.

Sansui 5.1 channel home speakers: they have output power of 3500PMPO along with full function remote control.

Pioneer, Vox, Leonard, Samsung and Mitashi are some of the most popular brands that deliver service and quality to the maximum.

Visual Sound Liquid Chorus Demo

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