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Vintage Rogers

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Vintage Rogers

If you want to really throw a spectacular celebration then you need to learn how to choose the right vintage champagne. You should understand what vintage is and how it should be chosen for the occasion. By choosing the right vintage champagne you will be able to ensure that you celebration will be amazing.

Start With Research

In order to choose a truly special vintage champagne you must know what it is. Vintage champagne is a blend of wines that come from a year that was declared to be a vintage year. It is aged for 39 months before being sold. Additionally, a true vintage champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. Any other vintage from elsewhere in the world would be called a sparkling wine, not a champagne.

You should do some research into the different options in vintage champagnes. Check into the different houses and see what is available. Consider suggestions from professionals and take into account the different flavour options that are available.

Shop Around

You can begin to ask around at local shops to see what vintage champagnes they may have. You can try looking online, too. You may have better luck finding more selection online. Make sure that you always check labels, even when buying online. You need to look for the year of manufacture on the label to ensure that a champagne is a true vintage. Again, remember, that if it does not come from the Champagne region in France then it cannot be deemed the real thing. You need to make sure that you read labels carefully and ask questions if you are not sure about something.


Once you have found your perfect vintage champagne you need to make sure that it is not ruined in the serving stage. You want to serve it with the right food. If you are unsure about pairing wine and food then you may need to do further research or get professional help. The food and wine should work in harmony, perfectly complimenting one another. You do not want the food to overpower the wine or the other way around. Everything should blend.

You also need to be aware of the proper way to chill the wine. Vintage champagne needs to be chilled to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You should try to keep it on ice after you have opened it to ensure it stays at the optimal temperature.

Lastly, serve the vintage champagne in glasses that are as elegant as the wine. You should make a deal out of serving your vintage champagne. You want to share this great treat with your guests and make it a highlight of your special occasion.

When you take the time and put in the effort to find a true vintage champagne, you do have something to celebrate. Even your friends who may not know wine, will immediately recognise that this is something special. You will be able to bring some sophistication to any occasion. You will be pleasing the palettes of your guests with a wine that is truly the most special and brilliant choice for the special occasion.

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