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Vintage Analog

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Vintage Analog
A question about recording analog synthesizers?

I'm really new to this and i was wondering how i could record one of the vintage analog Roland Juno synthesizers. Can i record into a computer? Am i able to transfer patches into the synthesizer?

There are 5 different vintage Roland Juno synthesizers. The Juno 6, 60, and 106 as well as the Alpha Juno 1 and 2. This will affect the second question.

You can record any synth into a computer. Just plug a cable from your audio output (or headphone jack, whichever it has) to the line input on your computer's sound card, and record with whatever program you have, even Windows Sound Recorder.

To transfer patches into the synthesizer would require MIDI. The Juno 6 and 60 do not have MIDI, but the 106 and Alpha Juno 1 and 2 do support MIDI. As I'm not terribly familiar with the Juno, I don't know offhand if the MIDI on these allows you to transfer patches or not. Some synths do, others don't. Your best bet is to do a search for sites that offer Juno patches.

ModTone MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay Pedal

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