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Ukulele Strings

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Ukulele Strings

There are many different types of ukulele strings around, can be very confusing. I finished buying the wrong type of chain in the past and so have many others.

The type of chain you have in your uke can make a big difference in sound. Usually, ukuleles new chains come with low quality. With each ukulele that I bought, I immediately changed the strings to a quality brand.

However, it is necessary to be careful what you buy. Here are some things to consider:


This is very important that you purchase the correct size of the string to fit your ukulele. The thickness and length of the string varies Depending on the size of ukulele.

If you have the standard ukulele smaller size, make sure you buy the strings on soprano. If you have a ukulele tenor or baritone, make sure that the strings are marked with that size.


Among most ukulele players, there is general agreement that Aquila and Worth are the best chains around. You should definitely try these two brands of strings to see which you prefer and provide a reference if you want to try other brands.

There are many other brands of string ukulele. Professional Ukulelists approve other brands. For example, Jake Shimabukuro has a contract representation with D'Addario strings and James Hill Hilo on his re-Ukes participant.


The different types of tuning require different types of chain. The standard tuning is AGEE ukelele with g string tone between E and A strings (known as re-entrant). If you buy chains, not a state of adjustment, which is fairly safe to assume that this is the tuning.

Before buying the strings, be sure to check that are not under the string of G (unless that's what you're looking for). It is not possible for G tuned ukuleles low high G and vice versa. However, you can use low-G uke adjustment in a high G (and vice versa) with a slight modification (sometimes without changing at all necessary).

You sometimes see the strings to ADF # B tuning. This is the ukulele tuning standard, but two frets higher. There is very little difference between these two tunings and sizes of chain, so the chains will be suitable for this adaptation for standard tuning.

Buying a quality set of strings ukulele is a wise investment. It is cheapest way to improve the sound of your ukulele and make playing it a more enjoyable experience. Just be sure to check it the strings that are buying is right for you ukulele.

Ukulele string comparison

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