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Tube Type Foam

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Tube Type Foam
How to calculate the speed of a projectile spring

My problem is this. I would drive a Nerf foam football guy who is a little less than 2 " diameter and weighs 1.0 oz plastic tube at a speed of 275 feet per second. I'm trying to size a compression spring that the power of this. Ideally that the spring would have an outer diameter of 1.94 "so it will be guided inside the tube. The spring is compressed then released to drive the nerf. If I calculate the required spring rate would then spring wire diameter size, length and coils necessary. Any ideas would be appreciated.

You want the nerf to allow the tube to 275 m / s, but did not say how long the spring should be. Have you thought of that may be found in a large rubber band. That would easier and cheaper to use. You know like a giant sling-shot. Furthermore, you might want to look into redesigning the potato launcher below:

u tube foam version,

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