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Trigger Trombone

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Trigger Trombone
How do you retie a trombone trigger string?

I have a Bb tenor trombone with a string (not lever) trigger. I was wondering if anyone knew of a diagram, chart, website or video that tells you how retie one. The shop near my house closed, and my string is getting some slack in it. If you know how to do it personally, written but descriptive directions would be GREATLY appreciated.

My guess is that your trigger has an arm that runs up alonside the hub of the rotor. The arm will have holes in both ends and one end prob has a screw to secure the string.

The string on most rotors is knotted on the top end of the arm. It comes down the arm, loops around the hub of the rotor and then continues down the arm, through the hole near the bottom of the arm and then around a screw.

The screw llows you to adjust the "throw" of the lever, The ost important thing is that when the lever is not actuated that the rotor is held firmly against the stop....so that it is fully "closed" and letting as much air as possible through.

On the other end you want a comfortable throw without overextending the lever. It is ok if it has a little "slop" as long as it goes to the stops on both ends.

I've used monofilament fishing line on mine for years. The stouter stuff won;t stretch with the little force you put on it and anything over about 10 lb test would be near impossile to break.

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