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Channel Radio Microphone

December 19th, 2009 No comments

Channel Radio Microphone
Do you have a good recommendation for a microphone for a radio talk show?

Thinking of buying this:

It's for an internet radio talk show. I have a 16 channel mixer to plug them all in to.

Just need to know, are they any good? Any better recommendations for cheap?

I would go for just dynamic mics like the one there. You're just starting out so those mics are fine, so long as your content is great, people won't care about the quality unless it's just plain terrible.

I would just continue shopping around, but don't go too cheap. If you're planning to record multiple people, try to be consistent and use the same mic on all of them. Look up reviews, etc.

If it interests you, this mic is very popular with FM stations but it's not cheap.

After you do things for awhile, and the show is doing great, then you can start upgrading everything. =)

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