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online guitar stores

February 12th, 2010 No comments

online guitar stores
What online guitar stores are the fastest to get the product?

I am probably going to get a guitar online, but want to know what store i will get the guitar the fastest? (standard ground shipping) here are my options:

I'm thinking samedaymusic, but wasn't sure, thx!
I like but they dont have the guitar i want

Dude , go with AMS. Use a debit or credit card and use the easy payment plane. A $600.00 guitar will be $200.00 the first 30 days, then $200.00 60 days, then $200.00 90 days. That's $200.00 for each month = Three months. And shipping is the fastest any where. So give them $200.00 today and get a $600.00 guitar in 2 days pay the rest later and free shipping. .Ask about easy payment plane.

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