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Baby Grand

December 13th, 2009 No comments

Baby Grand
What is the difference between grand, upright, and baby grand pianos?

I am looking to buy a piano. I have never bought a piano before. Can anyone tell me what the difference between grand, upright, and baby grands? Which is the best? What brand is the best?

The difference: Upright are the familiar looking pianos that you normally set up against a wall. Grand is the model that is 7 to 9 feet long and are those are normally seen being played by master musicians in the symphony. Baby Grands look just like grands only they are about 5 feet long. No difference in how many keys.... all have 88. Price ranges from $5000.00 for an Upright to as much as you want to spend for a Grand or Baby Grand. I have seen them in the local piano stores for $25,000.00 though I know they go higher. Yamaha is a very good playing piano... no matter what style you go with. If you are looking to save some money, Look in the classifieds. There are literally tons of pianos for sale. Good Luck finding one and thanks for reading.

Ray Charles;Billy Joel - Baby Grand

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