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Metallic Blue

December 18th, 2009 No comments

Metallic Blue
Can a car have two metallic colours, like it appears blue but in the sun it tints to a yellow colour.Possible?

Basically am wondering if a car can be a metallic blue colour but when light shines on it at certain angles, it turns a yellow metallic colour (slightly).
Am sure I've seen it before, but am wondering if I've just made it up in my mind.
Is it possible for the colour to do that?
Thx for the answers so far :) will google them.

Yes it is possible. It is called a pearlescent paint job. Where you have the car painted blue and then it is painted with a yellow pearlescent. That way when the sun shines on it, it will have a yellow-ish look to it. It won't be completely yellow, but it will have the look you want.

Steelhouse Lane-Metallic Blue