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Gibson Guitar

March 5th, 2010 No comments

Gibson Guitar
Gibson guitar?

How much do gibson guitars cost. I want to get my hubby one for christmas. He's 68 and has been playing for a long time. I want to surprise him, we fell on hard times about 2 yrs ago and he had to sell the one he had....thanks in advance

Depends what you want. You can buy new Gibsons for about £200. Second hand ones, classics and the like can range from £50 to thousands. Try and find out what type his old guitar was; the most popular amongst professionals is the Les Paul. Have a look on ebay, for reference, even; see if you recognize the shape, colour etc. Most serious guitarists will salivate at photos of guitars. I'm a Fender man myself, but if my wife bought me a Shergold 12 string I'd love her forever (not that I wouldn't anyway), but you get the drift.

unpacking gibson guitar and line 6 amp

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