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February 2nd, 2010 No comments

guitar deluxe
How do I install EMG pickups on my Schecter 006 Deluxe guitar?

I've installed pickups on my guitars before but this one is proving a little more tricky. I have the diagram that came with it but it's not as detailed or simple as I need. I've also checked the seymour duncan site but they don't have a diagram for 2 active pickups, 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 3 way switch. Any help is appreciated.

With one volume and tone, the pickups will both wire to the selector switch. The output of the selector switch will then go to the volume/tone controls.

Remember, for active pickups like the EMGs, the stock volume and tone controls will not work...they are much too high in resistance. Typical volume and tone potentiometer values for humbucker equipted guitars is 330 to 500k ohms. The EMGs require 25 kohm pots.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, TX


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