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Style Acoustic

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Style Acoustic
Are there any electric guitar that can handle acoustic fingerpicking style?

I am a player of popular fingerpicking style of guitar that uses a many alternate tunings. Recently, I have begun to assemble a band, and I like the idea of getting a more electric sound (currently use a acoustic / electric). I have a Fender Tele that was good when I was playing in rock bands, but seriously can not handle lower tunings (I go as low as Drop-C) when fingerpick. Is there electric guitars (hollowbodies, perhaps?) That may be suitable for my type of game?

If you have not already tried, try putting heavier strings of his electric, 10s or 11s, if you can find, you may say to adjust your action and neck relief. As always a guitar appropriate technology to do if you are unsure of doing it yourself. (if you break a truss rod, you're in trouble.) Stevie Ray Vaughan, always tuned a pass around and played super heavy chains, which is how he got that sound of theirs. You should be able to squeeze an underpass, the bottom chain. You can also chains are bottom heavy, light covers, or purchase a single chain of heavy basses, if that's all that drop. A TV should be able to use appropriate channels and configuration.

Nevershoutnever! - She's Got Style (Acoustic Cover)

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