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Studio Monitors

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Studio Monitors

The studio monitors or reference monitors are the speakers specially designed for audio recording and production applications such as radio, television, cinema, recording studios. The study monitors competently addresses the goal of audio mixing and mastering tasks. This also allows users tacks to the mixture, which will be a good sound in the widest range of playback system.

The studio monitors are the ideal choice for those who want to observe the deep bass in mid sized control rooms. Both woofers included in a studio monitor performs different functions, serving as a speaker full-range driver, while another speaker delivers only 150 Hz This also doubles the power of the woofer when required to respond to deeper frequencies been exceptionally brief and low-end punch without compromising midrange performance. The best part of most studio monitors is that you can use either vertically or horizontally, so that very flexible positioning within the studio is likely.

The study offers exceptionally high performance monitors due to construction several technologically innovative features, including:

Low distortion

Full bas wide range of response and incredible power handling

Excusive linear phase and frequency response

Each monitor paired with another monitor - / + 1.5 DB

Maximum SPL: 115 dB SPL

Power LED

Woofer free air resonance

In built amplifiers

Incredible crossover frequency

Impedance Input

Balanced XLR and RCA

Adjustment for cutoff frequencies of lowpass

Noticeable improvement in bass response, power handling and distortion figures

In addition, the auto off function and offers a minimized energy use without effect through off after about minutes of no signal (input). In addition, the automatic detection circuit enables Studio Monitor automatically comes to life, while the input signal is detected.

The frequency response of all studio monitors is variable and ranges from 35 Hz, 40 Hz, 43 Hz, 55 Hz and 32 Hz studio monitors are capable of produce amazing bass with superior linearity. Spatial information and the location can be easily heard with incredible impact. They adapt perfectly to small limited situations, such as tracking station post-production, DAW, plus mobile recording facility. The monitors study can also be performed in combination with a subwoofer for a brilliant range 5.1 or 2.1 system.

A look at the I key powerd studio monitors, M Series 606.

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