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Studio Monitor Speakers

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Studio Monitor Speakers
How can I make studio monitor speakers automatically mute when microphone faders up?

I am designing a radio studio, and to avoid comments, I need the monitors automatically mute themselves when the microphone faders start to rise. It would be nice not having to do manually each time. Also you can not have some DIY work with cables and switches! Is there some kind of unity that can buy that does the work? Thanks, Dan

This is really a matter of external time code hardware music. Google's application is related to the microphone time Fader-code. The computer only controls what goes in and what comes out of the audio signals and all that is connected via USB or PCMCIA abroad has to be modulated by a hardware specialized. Normally the timecoded recording mixer consoles do most of the work with the microphones - and if not, you need a crossfader.

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