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Studio Mic

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Studio Mic

So you want to enter hip-hop/rap/R & B in the production and do not really know how? Well, it's the easiest way than you can think. With only a few items, you could be on track to be the next Timbaland, Dre, or alchemist.

So where do start? First, make sure you have the appropriate software. A lot of people out there, like strokes of the sample and using other people's music, but want to be original. At least in the beginning, because if you're like me, you may want to develop your own style. Here is my list of essential start-up software you need to make time:

Reason 4.0 - Propellerhead Reason is one of the most dynamic pieces of software that you can have in your arsenal. It is relatively inexpensive, however, allows you to produce almost any sound you can imagine through a wide range of synthesizers, drum machines, and effects. It is very easy to use, and produces powerful sound and professional. Nearly all major producers have used the right on one point in his career.

Fruity Loops Studio - Many producers use Fruity Loops to create productions of everything. What really separates the FL of the reason is who has the ability to become a VST instrument when used with some mixing and programs recording like Cubase or Pro-Tools. (This is the crème de la crème needs' - but not when just starting out)

Sony ACID Pro - This is cold application that lets you manipulate the blows he has created in reason or FL. It is easy to use and great works well on any system.

That is enough to make beats. My choice is right, but as you try them all, you may be better like FL Studio or a combination of both. Its all about finding what you feel most comfortable with. Now, you have your software and have a stroke patient. What now? The following is my recommendation for recording and mix of software:

Adobe Audition - This used to be called Cool Edit Pro uses a very simple interface where you can load the rhythm tracks and recording the voices. This can also be great if you want to use live instruments in addition to their beats.

That's really all you need for your software. Something to do that music, and something to burn. Now, I ask, what about hardware?

Samson CO1 condenser microphone Cardiod - This is a microphone of much study. Works around $ 70 and sounds great. Be sure to get some cables, boom support, and the wind screen. (around $ 50) total.

Samson S 48v Phantom Power Supply - You will need to turn your microphone. From studio microphones to create their own power, phantom power is basically device that leverages the power and sends it through your microphone.

Any MIDI capable keyboard - This is one of the tools I use with Reason or Fruity Loops to time. Lets you play MIDI sound files on the keyboard instead of on the computer. Make sure you also get a USB MIDI so you can attach to your sound card.

M Audio Audiophile 2496 Interface - This is your soundcard impressive. It runs within a hundred dollars and allows you to connect all computers to your PC.

Samson Resolv 40th Active Studio Monitor - normal stereo speakers, while they will have no problem, all you can hear exactly how soundtracks when played back on your mp3 player, radio, or local club.

And that's it! You have everything you need to get started.

OSP Dynamic Recording Vocal / Studio Microphone Mic

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