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Stand Violin

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Stand Violin
What can I use strong glue to fix a position violin?

violing my stand broke. broke from the top between where has the books and the bar supporting the top. The mount is made of some kind of metal. I need some strong glue, because what holds the book is heavy violin solo.

If it broke from a base of metal, and metal book holder - have a couple of options in the first place - are welded. A nearby school Vo-Tech can have a student who would be willing to weld it back together for you .... then there was only need to paint it. Second - use an epoxy such as JB Weld (found at any auto parts department or auto shop). An epoxy like JB Weld to glue made several metals together, or other metal objects. His mixture of two parts .... just squeeze an equal amount of both tubes, and mix with a toothpick or plastic knife, and apply it. This will be the strongest glue "for this type application, and is something anyone can do. If you can publish or mail a photo of the broken part that would be useful. Feel free to email me, if you need something more specific or additional help. Good Luck

The Stand Violin Cover (Concept)

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