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Speakon Speaker Cable

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Speakon Speaker Cable
Speakon cables ??????

that would be capable of powering a speaker if he had the Speakon connection connected to the power amplifier and 1 / 4 "jack connected to the speaker, or vice versa? Http://www.swamp.net.au/store/swamp-speaker-cable-speacon-to-1-4-1.5mm-25m.html would be enough power Lound to be heard over drums? and my 600w speakers, and amplifier power is 1600W

Yes, should work fine. Speakons are just a lock type connection 2-speaker orchestra. Depending on the power of your amplifier and application, you may want to consider a heavier gauge of wire, however. The wire gauge listed is 15 and a high power PA application, you probably want something Caliber 12 or greater, especially running 25 meters. (The lower the "indicator, the larger the wire.) Swamp 13 Ga 4 core would be better, but I wonder if they sell with a 1 / 4 "end.

My Normal cable's !!!!!

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