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Space Shock Mount

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Space Shock Mount

One of the highest maintenance items on your car is the replacement of the dampers. Particular attention should be paid to the dampers, providing the vehicle stability and control. Here are the basic steps on how to replace shocks on the rear axle of most towing vehicles front.

First, determine whether or not you really need to replace them. In most cars, if you have more than 20,000 miles in their shock original, you probably need replacement. There is a rapid test for it. You can bounce your car, pressing the left rear bumper and bounce up. View running of the car and how much bounce.

If it continues to bounce more than once, it is possible that perturbations. The purpose of the crisis is to keep the tires contact with the road. If the car is rebound, allowing the tires to lose some of their contact with the road. If your car is not in contact with the road at all times, can result in an accident.

The crisis can be replaced without raising the car or the elimination of title = "How to Repair a tire"> wheel, but in most cases, it can give you extra space to replace the shocks. This will also allow easier access to mounting bolts and / or studs. Be sure to follow the orientation of the rubber sleeves as you remove the shock of his position. Some vehicles require a clash that has been built in one eye bushings mount on both ends. The assembly helps the eye to slip into a shock mounting bolt. Some have a piercing in the crash that require a cap both below and above a mounting bracket.

Mount the new shock with the same orientation as above. Be sure to add new bushings that are necessary. The new shock will have directions to help you differentiate between the top and bottom. Also included will clash with the new instructions for the amount of required torque on mounting bolts and nuts.

So there you have replaced the cushions and you will notice a better ride and handling while driving his car.

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