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Sound Active

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Sound Active
What happens to the energy of sound when you apply the active noise cancellation?

When you apply the active noise cancellation, the sound waves cancel. What happens to the energy that takes the sound? So basically what you're trying to say is that: 1. The Waves can cancel each other in this space, but the energy is transferred into the waves that create more distance. 2. Much of the transfer of wave energy in heat, but because the energy that carry sound waves are so low, that this heat is dissipated almost instantly. Did I understand correctly?

There are two issues different to consider this issue. The first is to consider the nature of the interference. If you create waves that combating existing waves, may not, in general, to create these waves with the same location, so as the waves can be quite destructive in one place, is to be constructive in another place, and conservation will continue in this sense: that the total energy will remain constant, apart from the myriad ways in which energy is lost in heat. But Here's another situation. You are making furrows in the earth, which resemble those with an eye for that, just like sound waves. You are making a real physical work. I come along and carefully return the land to a featureless plain, but to do that, but I put in a lot of work. So here we have a lot of work on a system, and no net work is done at all. Is energy conserved? From a physics course that is not only in phases, but also by the nature of energy loss due to friction of various kinds.

Audio Active Feat. Boss Tha MC - Screwdrhymer

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