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Sound Activation

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Sound Activation
I lost my sound activation for messages and messenger. How do I restore with cuptodate toolbar.?

Unsure how you can do it on the toolbar but you can install the Yahoo! Messenger sounds. The sounds that come with the newer Messenger aren't as good as the older versions sounds.

This is the easiest way to replace the sounds that are installed with Yahoo Messenger 8 & 8.1

You can get the old sounds back by downloading the old sound .wav(s) that were with older versions of Yahoo! Messenger.
These can be downloaded from

Directions are on the page on how to install the sound wav(s). They offer various ways to install the sounds, depending on your personal preferences, install a few old ones, a few of the sounds not offered with Yahoo Messenger, or replace all the sounds with the Self-Extracting zip that will automatically install the old Yahoo sound files to Messengers Media folder.

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