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Solo Songbook

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Solo Songbook

Contemporary Native American Flute Music Duo NightDancers honored with an Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) Nomination and invitation to perform at Indian Summer Festival 2008

NEW YORK, NY - - Contemporary Native American Flute Music Duo NightDancers has been honored with an Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) nomination for their debut album entitled MONTANA Category crossing the native heart. Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) recognizes and promotes the best in commercially released Native American music created by established and emerging artists. The ISMA Awards are presented live during the Summer Festival of India held on September 5-7 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the the award Saturday, September 6th, 2008. Entries are judged by a panel of respected professionals of all music and entertainment industry. The winners are selected in 13 categories, including Folk, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Spiritual, Traditional Drum, Native Heart and more!

An invitation to perform live at Indian Summer Festival 2008 was extended to NightDancers for Sunday, September 7th, Harley Davidson Stage, at 5:30 pm. NightDancers has accepted, but prior commitments and scheduling / routing issues has Gera Clark remaining on tour in Ireland and France. John Sarantos will perform with guest artists Jan Seiden very special and redbelly (David Martinka). Set Sarantos' include songs from Montana CRUCES as interpreted by their musical guests.

MONTANA CROSSINGS - the debut recording studio in New York composer flautists Gera Clark Training and John Sarantos is a well-crafted, melodic gem of an album featuring themes of exploration, transformation, interconnection and grace. Recorded at the world-famous AVATAR Studios in New York by Jim Anderson, with mastering Fred Kervorkian, SARANTA Clark and assembled a team that managed to capture the essence of the vision NightDancers. MONTANA CROSSINGS contains 15 instrumental tracks with twenty-five that totaled eleven flute makers of the flute from coast to coast to coast. No overdubbing or sound samples used in the recording. Montana Crossings / GENRE: Native - New Age - World; FORMAT: Instrumental - Public Radio - Variety - World; music style: Contemporary Native American Flute; STREET DATE: May 29, 2007.

ABOUT NIGHTDANCERS: NYC Based on the composer and flautists Gera Clark and John Sarantos, known collectively as NightDancers, enjoy sharing instrumental flute music with a unique style that has listeners on a musical journey. . . painting sound pictures with original contemporary Native flute songs of America - successfully capturing the soothing, mystical and its healing qualities that are the heart and soul of the Native American Flute Music. Clark and Sarantos met while attending a revival of Native American flute (RNAF) workshop in 2005, which eventually led to jamming together via loudspeakers 1000 miles away. NightDancers was formed in 2006. Ms. Clark has been teaching flute in the tradition of his native American flute mentors, Franco Menus, John Rainer Jr. and R. Carlos Nakai. Because one of the world's leading, flute native teachers, Mr. Sarantos has facilitated contemporary Native American flute workshops from coast to coast for over 14 years. For 11 summers he has worked with Ken Light and R. Carlos Nakai in the Renaissance of the Native American Flute workshop in Montana and has written six songbooks for native flute. He was also a recent contributor to Odell Borg's book launch, Native Spirit Song Book Volume Two.
See NightDancers online press kit at: http://www.sonicbids.com/NightDancers

NightDancers Visit the website at: http://www.nightdancersmusic.com

SUMMER FESTIVAL IN INDIA: Indian Summer Festival, the largest North American Cultural Festival of India celebrates its 22nd anniversary, is dedicated to strengthening American Indian community and the general education public about the history and unique and diverse cultures of American Indians, providing a forum to celebrate and showcase the traditions of American Indians. For more information, visit href = "http://www.indiansummer.org"> http://www.indiansummer.org

About Jan Seiden: The moving and poignant eloquence Jan Seiden speaks the language of the heart. Flute music reminiscent of the ancient Anasazi and other more contemporary indigenous nations flow with the themes of nature and global unity. First Place Winner of the 2002 Heard Indian American Cultural Gathering musical national competition flutists, and 2006 recipient of an individual artist award from the Maryland State Arts Council, Seiden has performed at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian alone and many other venues and concerts in the U.S. both on stage and share with the Grammy award winners Joanne Shenandoah, Mary Youngblood, Tito LaRosa, and winners Nammu ARVEL Bird and Jeff Ball. WOODLAND WINDS, Seiden solo CD, was a candidate for the 2004 Indian Summer Music Awards. Memory of time, his latest CD, debuted at # 19 (New Age Reporter, April 2008). For more information, http://www.janseiden.com visit

ABOUT redbelly (David Martinka): As a self-taught musician David Martinka is based on nature, life and her inner self to create his songs. With a long history family of music and love for the Native American Flute, David Martinka is the first bridge to recovery of courtship, and both the quiet conquest of Native Americans Style flutes and flutes Native Slovakian Courting. LEGENDS OF TIME, Martinka solo CD, was a candidate for the 2006 Indian Summer Music Awards. For more information, http://www.redbellymusic.com visit

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