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setup guitar
What's the heaviest guitar string that could be used on a Gibson Les Paul Studio without any setup?

I'm looking into buying Power Slinkys for playing in standard E tuning and drop C tuning but I've heard some string sizes might require you to get your guitar setup differently. Will Power Slinkys be safe for a Gibson Les Paul Studio without any additional work on the guitar?

I've been using Super Slinkys and so far they've worked okay... except they tend to break more than I'd like >.<

you shouldnt have to get your guitar set up differently. The only thing that might make a difference is the bridge. i cant believe your askign this when you have a 1300$ guitar lol. okay so idk why you even want anything too heavy. i recomend like a .09 thats a medium. you could fit heavy strings on there also... but its not really necessary.

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