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Set Case

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Set Case

Baume and Mercier style multi notched case back opening set has dies to handle screwed case backs without slipping, pushing and prying. It provides a perfect solid fit and is a robust tool. The Bergeon 2533 rubber tipped tool is useful for opening and shutting water proof watch case backs but it is not designed for use on case backs that are extra tight.

The Bergeon 2819-4 Jaxa watch tool has a varied collection of teeth that helps in safely opening many types of watch case backs. It is a highly recommended professional watch maker’s tool. It is ideal for use on water proof cases. It has non-slip knurled handles and has a heavy duty build. For polygonal and slotted case backs, the Bergeon 5338-1 F extra large case back opener is found to be the best choice. To open Rolex and Tudor watch case backs, Bergeon 5537 Rolex Oyster case opening watch tool comes in handy. It is a Swiss made tool and has high quality make. There is a Bergeon 5538T adapter that can be used with this tool. The Bergeon 6484 case opener has two levers specially designed to open snap on type back covers. It has a blade mounted on its side and has a plastic handle to hold comfortably during use.

The economy Jaxa case opening tool is a cost effective model that has an all-steel body with an aluminium handle. It comes with 4 sets of pins and all these are accommodated in a varnished wooden storage case. For Omega Planet Ocean case back, there is a special case back opening die available. A revolutionary and popular tool is the Rubber Screwball HORB case back opener – it does not slip and mark case backs; there is no time waste in setting up the tool or aligning with holes. The Bergeon 5674 watch case vice is ideal for use with cases of unusually shaped watches. It is a sturdy vice that has four adjustable plastic jaws.

The Bergeon 5700 is a professional case back tool for opening wrist watch cases. It is a robust tool that comes mounted on an aluminium cast alloy base. With this tool, there is no worry of cases being damaged or scratched. With an adapter, this tool can be used to shut case backs safely and securely. The Horotec Maxi press case tool is a Swiss made open and close tool for watch cases. It has rubber suction dies, Rolex style dies, four pairs of steel pins, case vice, a large handle for comfortable operation and a two pillar storage system.

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