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Selmer Paris

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Selmer Paris
It is the solo Alto Sax Selmer Paris mouthpiece for concert band good?

I am a young alto saxophone performer and I have a rubber nozzle Meyer and I need a classical mouthpiece for concert band. I found this line and hoped I could get http://www.wwbw.com/Selmer-Paris-Soloist-Alto-Saxophone-Mouthpieces-468185-i1419750.wwbw some opinions ....?

The Selmer Soloist is intended for the classic study. You can also try the S80s and S90s, and many facets within each model (most players prefer C *). Vandoren also makes good classic-V5 Mouthpieces and mouthpiece should prove optimal. I would highly recommend going to a store with a lot of selection. WWBW is a great site, but unfortunately it is difficult to prove nozzles easily (with a deferred payment plan may want to look at). Each person is different, and spokeswoman for the best, you have to try many.

Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Alto saxophone

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