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Road Flight

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Road Flight
what is the best way to get from city road london, to gatwick for a 5 am flight? thank you?

there is a 5 am flight and i am staying at the travelodge at london city road. tha flight is on a saturday morning at 6am. can you please help me for i have no idea ..thank you

Firstly unless your loaded and I'm guessing that as your in the travelodge your not don't get a cab it will cost you over £100 .
I'd leave on the friday either by coach (victoria coach station) or train (victoria) . The link below gives you more info around these options


Stay somewhere cheap near the airport (check out the new capsule hotel in the south terminal - http://www.yotel.com/) - make sure you go to the right terminal but if you don't there is a shuttle which will take you 3 mins to get to the right one .

You didn't say where you were going but remember in the UK checkin is 3 hours before flight time for long haul and they can get quite mean if you miss this.

Safe trip.

Manilla Road - Flight of the Ravens + March of the Gods

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