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Reverb Guitar

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Reverb Guitar
How do you get rid of the natural electric guitar reverb in solos?

I'm new to the electric guitar and have been learning fast and having fun. One problem I don't know how to solve is if I play with distortion on guitar solos. After a few notes, the natural reverb of the guitar muddies up the song because of the sound of harmonics and ringing.

What should I do to get rid of all this ringing!

when you play with a lot of distortion and volume, the guitar starts to feed back if you let it ring. What you'll need to do is practice dampening the strings, with both the palm of your picking hand near the bridge as well as the spare fingers of your fretting hand. Not quite as much as palm muting, but enough to keep it calmed down. This won't be easy at first, but after time becomes second nature. If you like to play with the amp cranked wide open, you might look into a noisegate to block some of it out.

Rock Guitar Effect Techniques : Reverb Guitar Technique 1

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