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Red Violin

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Red Violin
Red Violin?

Ok so I get that the whole movie revolved around this violin that the old french man made after his wife died, but why was everyone cursed? I did miss some parts of the movie so I may have misunderstood... but?

The Red Violin is a wonderful film. Fran├žois Girard is a quality director and it shows in this film. The reason that everyone who came in contact with the violin was cursed, was that the original creator of the violin varnished it in a mixture of substances that included his wife's blood. If you remember all the times that the wife was speaking with the fortune teller, the old woman told the wife that she was cursed and that everyone in her life would be cursed as well.... so she became part of the violin with her blood, and therefore cursed everyone who owned it. You should watch the film again without missing any scenes, its definitely worth it.

The Red Violin Pope's Concert

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