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Rca Male

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Rca Male
Can i join to rca male plugs without an adater just wire?

I have speakers which the cord is to short on and i only have male to male rca cords can i use this as an extension by joining the two male plugs together without a female adapter?
Please help
but i must be able to run some wires from A to B to make them work aswell?

Most speakers don't have RCA plugs ... other than possibly for connections to the speaker itself or the amplifier you don't need them. Some inexpensive speakers plug in via RCA connectors to the amplifier. If this is the case, you can cut the wire and splice in an extension wire (see below) to get the extra length you need.

If the RCA plug connects to the speakers and the other end is bare wire (in which case the amplifier will have spring terminals or binding posts) just add a length of wire then simply connect the bare wires to the receiver terminals.

Re splicing, just make sure you use speaker wire (which has a means for identifying each wire so that polarity can be maintained, such as a silver and copper conductor, colour coded insulation, a mark on the insulation, a string in one conductor, etc), wire each speaker the same way (e.g. silver wire to wire to RCA centre pin) and be sure to insulate each conductor from the other (i.e. don't allow the wires to touch) using electricians tape. You can solder the connections or just "twist and tape".

Nothing major will happen if you don't maintain polarity of the wires (and which way round (red to silver or red to copper, for example) doesn't matter as long as it's the same at both ends of a splice and each speaker) ... at worst you will get slightly reduced bass.

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