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Professional Violin

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Professional Violin
What kind of income can a professional violin repairer and/or maker expect?

My son is 31 and graduating from the Mittenwald violin making school in Mittenwald Germany. He needs help in planning his career.
In response to the first answer -- he expects initially to work in a violin repair and set-up shop in a major city (at the moment this is Toronto). Ultimately he hopes to set up his own business making new and repairing old violins.

The field is not as lucrative as many people believe. The folks I have known in the field always supplemented their income through the sale of accessories, instrument rentals, even lessons.

$12 - $17 per hour according to:


Annual Income
The annual income section is intended as a guideline only.

Full-time makers/repairers can earn from £15,000 to £20,000.
Established instrument makers/repairers can earn in the region of £30,000 (about $57,000).

Higher rates may be possible for those with very specialised skills.

according to


Now once a good technician has established his reputation he can work his way into more lucrative situations. Working on instruments for professionals (rather than students) can be more financially rewarding. Restoring rare instruments can be rewarding.

But most folks that I have known have not entered the field to get rich. They were there for the love of the instruments.

Yanni - Best Violin Player EVER(best violin solo)

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