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Pro Rack

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Pro Rack

Obtaining cheap pallet racking in Australia is not as difficult as you might think.  The problem is that most companies are under the impression that cheap pallet racking is a myth or that cheap pallets are offered at discounted rates because they are built of cheap parts that will break down over time.  However, this is not true with ISS Pro Rack.  In fact, ISS Pro Rack is by and far the most affordable and flexible provider and manufacturer of cheap pallet racking in Australia.  Discount pallet racking created by ISS Pro Rack is not only affordable, but it is also built to outlast other brands!


  1. But with ISS Pro Rack you are outsmarting the “middle man” and are able to obtain cheap pallet racking without hidden fees and charges.


DIY Product Solutions is one such company that found ISS Pro Rack and their discount pallet racking to be affordable and effective.  The Director of DIY Product Solutions had this to say about the services and discount pallet racking offered by ISS Pro Rack:  “We are a small wholesale business and need to make the most of our warehouse space with both efficient product storage and efficient access. ISS ProRack not only came with the best price. They offered us a flexible payment plan for all our current storage and handling needs.”  It is feedback like this that has caused ISS Pro Rack to grow in popularity all throughout Australia when it comes to discount pallet racking.


Australian Bathroom Concepts Operations Manager, Noel Woods had this to say about the discount pallet racking they purchased from ISS Pro Rack:  “ISS Pro Rack gave us three clear business gains: dramatic savings, improved efficiency and OH&S peace of mind. We immediately saved over $25K, more than half of the cost of other suppliers. Our storage capacity for glass increased by 60% and we still have 40% additional floor space remaining. Also, what we spent with ISS we should recover in 6-8 months in gained efficiency because now each crate of glass is accessed individually making it fast and safe for people and for the product to be reached. And, high quality custom engineering design is our OH&S assurance.”


If you are looking to save money and wish to save space in your companies warehouse then you would a fool not to consider the effective and affordable services of ISS Pro Rack.

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