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Premium Celluloid

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Premium Celluloid

General Motors' effort to boost sales of Saab seem to have failed, despite the dedication sales have not changed.

Last year only Saab could sell 133,000 cars, in marked contrast with 600,000 sales of Volvo. This figure is also regrettable that compared with rival manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes - That all products or a million car sales a year. Saab executive Jan-Ake Jonsson said, "We at Saab have been very inconsistent in our approach."

The company's goal has been set at 250,000 vehicles sold annually. Perhaps the carmaker's efforts in creating car models that are different compared to its much larger rivals. According to Jonsson, the automaker no longer be eager to become "better BMW than BMW".

Jonsson said: "Over the last couple of years we have been really trying to approach the mark." Apparently, the company has reached an agreement with the fact that their sales can not see a growth in the short term. What the automaker wants now is for the mark to keep making money, despite poor sales.

"We created a structure where we can get returns of 150, 000," Jonsson was quoted as saying in a recent article in BBC News, "If We can make 175,000 units will be very happy. "

Currently, the factory and exchange parts with GM is helping to keep afloat Saab. This strategy will not help if Saab wants to create a different image of their own. Enter the new Saab Turbo X.

Turbo X is well equipped with 2.8 L engine 280 HP, the top of the line parts such as Saab Master Cylinder. This time, the model Saab comes with four-wheel drive. Jonsson said, "This is a transmission system newly developed all-wheel ... It gives you the option of having more performance. We it also in future vehicles "this," he adds, is "A bit of a qualifier in the premium segment, even if it is an option with a penetration of only 10-15%. The latest creation Saab says, intends to make a statement about the heritage and Saab communicate the importance of the turbo Saab.

Saab is famous worldwide for their support of biofuels. Saab BioPower models have been observed and reported to be more powerful when running on E85 - a blend of 85% ethanol from plants and 15% gasoline - which when run on conventional gasoline. According to Jonsson, "The turbo can use the higher octane of E85 in a better way, which adds 25-30 hp. "With this concept, Saab was able to offer vehicles that deliver 150 hp, essentially a small engine liter. "It really shows the potential to reduce engine size," said Jonsson.

Actually, Bioethanol helps reduce emissions, make a big difference on fossil fuels. But the displacement of gasoline and diesel is at the plants necessary to produce a large volume of ethanol. As a result in the production of ethanol, corn prices rose in the U.S.. This has been another issue that greatly affects the priority supply of ethanol rather than food, because the world is in great figure with people starving, according to critics.

However, Jonsson said, "Bioethanol to me is a problem of hunger in front of cars."

"If you look at the availability of bioethanol today is not a problem. There is enough arable land and available today to meet current demand, "he said.

"We are in the first generation of the use ethanol, "he added." You can say using corn to produce ethanol in the U.S. is very inefficient.

That is when the second generation Biofuels come your way, with the manufacture of celluloid (wood or crop residues). Everyone says, Jonsson believes that bioethanol will be a piece of the solution for Saab.

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