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Poly Guitar

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Poly Guitar
strip of a solid body guitar?

I'm trying to strip the body of the guitar sound and must have 20 layers of polyethylene and painting. I treated marine grade, heat extractor guns and single plane and sanding is taking forever just to get through the first layers. Does anyone know a quick way to do this? LOL I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one who did this Turpintine is ideal for cleaning cuts, but does not have any pickling qualities

They stripped and varnished a series of solid body types when I had my shop and he is right the material should be hard and is a bear to get off. All had multiple finishing and coatings and some may resist even traders stripping, if it has broken through the top layer that helps, but only cooks use the heat that is there and I'm afraid you've done the work more difficult. If you can see the bare wood, however, dragging w / coarse sandpaper will help in the next layer. If the Mfr will tell you what the material is, you can find a stripper that such attack. Meanwhile, try one of the strippers heavy coat paste w / plastic and recommended maximum wait time. Just use the best you can find over and over until you get to bare wood. You do not alone, much easier to refinish. Search for answers q is similar. Best regards

Temasek Poly Guitar Ensemble -El Choclo

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