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Plug Adapter

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Plug Adapter

Design and make an indoor fountain to a wall or a source table or floor or hanging stand source. All you need is a source of parts and supplies for a few Trevi your deck however you choose.

For a source table or PLANT

You will need:

- Mist maker unit
- Save for glasses or support center
- Cover [small bowl or] to prevent water from splashing outside the fountain bowl
- Recipient source or recipient attractive appearance, or perhaps a dish you just love, but never use. You choose how you want your fountain to look.
- Stand fountain or something to set the plate

NOTE 1: you can use a flat-bottomed container and set its source directly in a table

- 1 / 8 "drill bit tip diamonds to drill a hole for the cable manufacturer to go through fog
- An electric drill

NOTE 2: you will not have to have a hole! Simply cord hang over the edge of the cup

Put Your Source Together

- Drill a hole in the cup about 1 / 2 "to 1" above from the bottom of your bowl for the manufacturer of the fog of the bone to go - see note 2
- Place the center stand in the bottom of the bowl
- Set the unit of fog in the central gallery
- Run the cable manufacturer of mist through the hole [or hang the cable over the edge of the cup] and push the connector firmly into the hole [wetting the stopper to make it easier to work with] if the plug is in the wrong place at the cable, move it. Slide down the wire Manufacturer of fog where you want in the
- Fill the container with clean water above the low water sensor unit in the fog
- Place the small cap the top of the center stand
- Connect the unit to the manufacturer in the fog A / C adapter and plug the adapter into the wall.

Enjoy your Custom Designed Building source you have done yourself! Great job!

Hanging wall fountains

You will need:

- A sturdy metal iron or Rod Bracket [in any department or hardware store]
- Hanging with Assembly Source chains
- Power Bowl - a 12 "to 14" round bowl work Hanging with the Assembly
- Mist maker unit
- AC Adapter
- Save for glasses or support center
- Center cap

Put Your wall hanging Fountain, along

- Securely mount the screws included in the wall. During assembly, make sure there is an upright wall [usually a 2x4] back to where you want your fountain to hang
- Place fountain hanging wall of the Assembly on a flat surface
- Bowl place in the large ring hanging assembly [Make sure that the recipient does not rub against the strings when picked up. use of 11 "-14" Bowl]
- Carefully pick mounting hanging above the ring, lifting chains and the bowl as you do
- Use the highest ring hanging assembly, hang the ring on the end Support
- Place the unit manufacturer of fog and center stand [or splash guard] in the bowl
- Place the lid on the top of the central platform
- Add water
- The cable unit wind and fog around a chain and support to ensure that the AC adapter cable can get through the fog of cable manufacturer
- Plug the AC adapter and misting unit together
- Plug the AC adapter into the wall.

Enjoy your new wall fountain that you did!

Design, create, and make an indoor fountain or a waterfall, with spare parts supply as fenders, lids, discs ceramic of 20 mm or 16 mm, the manufacturer of mist units [atomizers, nebulizers] High Output AC Adapters, is hanging fountain, and any size container Replacement internal source you need.

Add a pump under the water and create a source of indoor waterfall.
Get Inspired!

Design, create and make an indoor fountain misting or Cascade Fountain

Green Plug Universal Power Adapter at DEMO '08

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