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Plate Chrome

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Plate Chrome
How much does it cost to chrome plate something?

does anyone know how much chrome plating costs? and where would you go to get something chrome plated?
if your wondering what I want chrome plated I was thinking about getting either a real or replica wolf skull and having it chrome plated and mounted on the front of my bike (I was going to try to get a skull from a taxidermist)

Chrome plating is generally expensive. If you are willing to accept a good imitation that you can do yourself, look for a product called "copy chrome" from caswellplating.com

They have various sized kits depending on what you want to plate. Perhaps after doing the skull, you would find other things to plate since you already had the supplies. You would need to find out what they recommend to allow you to plate to an electrically non-conductive item.

While I have not used their other products, I have used caswell plating supplies for copper plating steel and found it to work well and they provide good support.

My 2005 Kawasaki 636R Ninja

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