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Planet Waves

RADIO WAVES Bane or blessing?

The evolution of the wisest man of beings in this universe can be considered as natural blessings, but their mental, spiritual and technical advances are the result of their struggle, effort, and effort. We have seen technology evolves with the development of human society. Since the technology of previous historical moment in the use of fire for agriculture have been important points reference, with the success of each technology development rate has also increased.

The communication is a milestone as has also written a story in itself. Of pigeons flying to the 3G communication has trodden a long way. The improvement and progress in this field has squeezed around the world in the global village.

But the other side of this is a totally different story to tell, the indiscreet use of communication technology has done more harm than good to our society today.

Over the years the bird population has seen massive decline due to the presence of radio frequency (RF) in the environment, these radio waves are electromagnetic waves that leads to heating of the body that eventually affected avian creatures.

And not only that our population human is at the point of experiencing the harmful effects of RF waves, today we have lakhs of mobile phone towers called base stations (BS), led by dozens Mobile operators in India, each of them radiate electromagnetic radiation dangerous in this environment, studies show that exposure to electromagnetic fields (CEM) has created and adverse health effects it causes a noticeable deterioration in the health of exposed individuals or their descendants.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields at frequencies above 100 kHz can lead to significant energy absorption and temperature increases. Resulting in the deposition highly non-uniform distribution of energy in the body, much controversy on the possible relationship between EMF exposure and increased risk of cancer. After extensive research and development has not found an association between cancer mortality in infancy and radio waves, leukemia accounts for about third of all cancers in children under fifteen (15) proximity of home to power, TV, RF Distribution Lines high generation of configuration Current is suspected that the main reason behind this rule.

Another mind boggling is that research-ray examinations I X during pregnancy and prenatal exposure of the mother through diagnostic X-ray procedures also revealed a clear relationship between exposure risk.

Some study refers to the psychological risks that may be directly related to implementing a particular technology, such as a mobile phone tower base station next to a school or residential community, psychological risk are the change in the blood and urine chemistry, changes in cardiovascular reactivity, skin conductance and patterns of sleep can also make the victim less resistant to infectious diseases with fragile immune system. Under conditions of partial body exposure to electromagnetic fields, the damage significant heat may occur in sensitive tissues such as eyes and testes. At very high frequencies (10-300 GHz) electromagnetic energy absorption is mainly confined to the epidermal layers of skin, subcutaneous tissue, and the outer eye.

To protect this land of the living from the adverse effects of RF waves, most of Europe and other developed countries are being governed by the "International Council Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). In this country, DoT has asked mobile operators to provide self-certification, DOT also wanted to control the level of emissions, including any rules ICNIPR. Thanks to Dot at least remembering to do so, but honestly that would keep this certificate we all know. No preference goes to the broadcast network cheaper and faster than the maximum performance benefits from them. As one of the major cellular operators "Bharti" is busy producing hundreds of probes as its net profits each quarter, however, is not known to what extent (ICNIRP) parameters are being followed by such operators mobile in India.

Although in our country Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications India there, but so far has proved totally inept to deal with irregularities in its rules and regulations, so much so that most of the current operators cellular frequencies radiate beyond what is allowed for.

One important thing, It can be summarized in the preceding discussion is that before implementing any new technology is the validity of the perspectives of human society must be verified. Because one technology over thousands of us can give comfort, but eventually gives birth to the same amount of disability that are disastrous for the planet we live just called to land.

Kusum R Bhatt

Planet Waves - 08 Dirge

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