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Pioneer Cdj

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Pioneer Cdj

Why would I want to use mixing software?

Music doesn't get released quickly enough on vinyl. You're a busy Mixmaster, and don't have time, or room, to keep up w/ 1000's of pieces of vinyl anymore. Plus any dj would prefer to carry 5000 records with them over 500, it adds to the diversity of any play list.

So what are my options?

There are a few quality software programs out for the wedding, mobile, club, and radio mix show djs. But first you need quality tools to use the programs. The first decision is whether to purchase a cdj or vinyl turntables. There's an enormous amount of cd dj equipment on the market now.

If your choice is for the cdj then any of the Pioneer models serve as the industry standard. Not that other there aren't other brands that get the job done, but the job tends to be more simplified with the pioneer cdj 1000 mk3 cdj with mp3 capability. Now if we're talking dj vinyl turntables, then Panasonic's Technics SL-1210M5G Quartz Synthesizer Direct-Drive Turntable is the best in the business, forever and always the industry standard.

Whatever the choice, please stay away from cheap dj equipment, in the end you're going to pay the same cost as the expensive equipment through the upgrade process. As a dj, you will ALWAYS be upgrading your equipment, so get used to it!

Now what dj mixing software do I use?

Assuming that you already have a laptop in hand, and a backup to support the world travels that you do...We'll now give our awards to the best dj software on the market.

The award for dj mp3 player of the year goes has to go to the Rane SSL Serato Scratch Live. But the Stanton Final Scratch 2 for Macintosh and Windows is a very close runner up. Both dj software packages may be used with a pair of a pair of cdjs and vinyl dj turntables.

No matter what your choice is, dj mixing software WILL NOT make you a better dj. You still have to put in a lot of practice time to master music mixing, cutting, and scratching. All these tools do is give you a leg up on your song selection. Please respect the art form and develop your technique.

If you're looking for the best place to purchase and learn about being a dj, visit StreetDrops.com.

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TyMeLyNe LLc is a multimedia management company based out of Toledo, OH. Online holdings include the online reality show at TyMeLyNeLife.com, UrbanSyndication.com Which Features Online Music Videos, MyHTMLpage.com featuring text books and software, and StreetDrops.com

Pioneer CDJ-400 Demo Video

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