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Piece Drum

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Piece Drum
How does a Beatle rockband drum is 4 pieces when Ringo had a 3 piece?

If Ringo Starr had a trap only 1 tom tom tom and a floor tom, how is it that the rock drummer in his band of four pieces. Even if you include the symbols that had a ride in an accident and hat high, that's three there, does anyone want to explain to me if I'm misunderstanding.

In some songs in the game (Here comes the sun) which had a 4 pieces. Moreover, in the rock band, the platform is the red ribbon, yellow is the Tom hi-hat/high, blue is the journey / tom bass, and green is / Tom accident ground. Now, you're right Ringo mostly Tom did not have a high, but if they had the yellow pad, would not have hi-hat.

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