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Pickguard Fender

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Pickguard Fender

Guitars are usually made taking into account both the right and left handed players. Conventionally, it is the dominant hand is assigned the task of uprooting or strumming the strings the guitar. For most people the dominant hand is right hand.

Guitar anatomy is a study needed to novice as well as the experienced players to really use this powerful musical instrument. Musical expression, tonal and dynamic expression, etc. are mainly determined by the hand picking. Fretting hand there is the least mechanical task of holding the ropes.

Guitar anatomy include

Head, Nut, neck or heels together, ropes, body (acoustic guitar), body (electric guitar), bus plates, binding, purfling, Bridge, Pickguard, neck, Electronics, vibrato arm, Fretboard, Frets, Truss rod, inlays, Tuning

Parts Identification

Head Stock

It is the top of this anatomical study, which has the tuners.


Tuners are placed on the blade of the instrument (top of the guitar). Tuners are the tools to tune the guitar. Tuners are also found in guitars with Floyd Rose systems


The nut is placed just under the blade of the guitar. The strings go through this right before setting keys.


Frets are can be found on the neck of the guitar. 22 to 24 dishes are normally found.


The neck of the guitar is the place for the rest of the hand to fret chords, scales, etc. There are some necks play in the anatomy of the guitars, which are set by others as a Fender Start has the bolt.

Position Markers

There are some points on the frets of the guitar. They are called placeholders that are used for ease of reference, which is typically in the 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19 and 21 frets. Sometimes they can be on the side of the neck.

Sound Hole

The sound hole can be found in the center of the top the body of an acoustic or acoustic electric guitar. The sound comes out of this hole.


The body of the guitar is the basic anatomy guitars, is the support structure.


The sound of an electric guitar electric and acoustic electric are produced by the tablets. Magnet is the abstraction of the vibration of strings on the guitar and helps generate the sound of the amplifiers.


Pickguard protects guitar scratches and other damage. Another use of batterer, for example, is to keep the pads, buttons, etc. But this is true in some guitars Like the Fender Stratocaster, etc


The chair is situated in an acoustic guitar bridge. It is made of plastic, bone etc. on an electric guitar mounts bridge is used to tune the string height, intonation and all over.


A guitar bridge is located at the bottom of the guitar where the strings are. Pegs hold on to the acoustic guitar strings and keep it together.

Output Jack

The place to plug the power comes from a guitar amplifier. Most times, it is an inch long.

Acoustic and electric guitars share many parts in common. All have a body, neck, fingerboard and headstock, a total anatomy of guitars.

FENDER 50's Road Worn Telecaster Blonde Tele black bakelite pickguard

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