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Piano Keyboard Bench

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Piano Keyboard Bench

The piano bench industry grew from the desire of piano manufacturing companies to focus solely on the manufacturing of pianos. The bench was, for the most part, an afterthought. Many bench companies got their start in the early 1900s by contracting with the piano manufacturers to offer benches in multiple styles that would match the exact finish and leg style of the piano being bought and sold. As the piano would move from owner to owner the bench would not always make the trip, creating a need for the replacement bench manufacturer. The other primary reason for the piano bench manufacturers existence is the fact that the piano bench is typically handled very roughly by many teachers and students alike. The constant movement and scraping against the floor as the bench is pushed in and out leads to excessive nicks, wear and tear on the bench. Proud musicians like their equipment to standout and a scraped piano bench is something that can be easily replaced and made to look like new again. Several options to consider when purchasing a new piano bench are listed below.

Leg Style. I can tell right away when the bench is a replacement bench and not the bench that originally came with the piano by the fact that most people have a bench that does not have legs to match the leg style of the piano. I may be a little bit of a stickler about this but you should be able to find a bench to match and you should make the effort to find one since it will be a part of your home for decades. Most benches are available with classic straight legs, spade legs, and sometimes antique types of legs such as Louis XIV are available.

Bench Length and Width. There are three types of benches available to select from. The first is a stationary grand piano bench (Duet Bench) is 35 inches wide and 19 inches high. With the duet bench the width is proportioned to the size of the piano and the bench will easily seat two people. The traditional standard upright bench is 30 inches wide by 19 inches high and is a fine piece of furniture to use with all upright pianos. For smaller pianos such as spinets, I would consider a 25-inch-wide piano/keyboard bench to be just the right size. I will often recommend an adjustable bench for families (and teachers) with multiple players and pianists concerned with posture might select an adjustable or a high level Artist's bench.

Wood Finishes. Piano bench manufacturers offer a wood finish to match any finish provided by the piano manufacturer. It is very easy to get an exact match as long as you review the choices you are offered. When choosing a bench to match a mahogany piano you will need to bear in mind that there might be four shades of mahogany available from the bench manufacturer and you should select accordingly. Most bench manufacturers will offer a dark mahogany, medium mahogany (also called cherry), a brown mahogany, and a Steinway mahogany (they are popular enough and just a slight shade different that they have a shade named after the piano). Most finishes will come in a high gloss offering as well, though it will likely cost a little more money to get it. If your piano is a high gloss piano, such as a grand piano likely has, you should match it.

Piano Bench Tops. The most common type of piano bench top is the hardwood bench top. Most have an optional model available with a music storage compartment that is very handy for sheet music or other music accessories (my kids will hide things in our bench all the time). Fancier and more expensive seat tops will be upholstered in fabric or even leather. Most bench manufacturers have lots of fabric choices to select from and they can be made to match your interior décor without issue. Vinyl is a nice substitute for real leather if budget is a concern. I personally like the fabric seat over a leather or vinyl seat top because of the capability of the fabric to breathe.

Ultra X-Bench Folding Portable Keyboard & Piano Bench

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