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Paul Standard

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Paul Standard

Paul J Napoli, Super Lawyer for Napoli Bern Ripka LLP, has been heading some major cases recently regarding Labor Law. Labor Law comes into play when an employee is injured on the job. Much of labor law cases are consumed with construction accidents. Construction accidents occur due to shoddy equipment, failure to comply with safety standards, as well as many other factors. Labor law becomes an issue especially when safety standards are not complied with an give way to injury of an employee. Many times construction site’s managers will even bribe inspector so that they pass all of their standards. Paul J Napoli has seen too many cases where inspectors have been bribed so that a site is deemed “safe”. However the truth is that construction site is the farthest away from being safe. Another factor that gives way to labor law issues is when construction workers are paid under the table, which do not give them any type of insurance rights. Many times if a construction worker is being paid under the table and gets injured on the job, they are fired because they cannot work. In this case not only is the construction worker injured, but they are also out of work. In these situations the medical bills alone can cause the injured construction worker to be out of their means. Paul J Napoli urges anyone who has been denied his or her rights to contact him so that justice can be reached.

For many workers, filing a labor law claim is a hard thing to do because most of the time that person is out of work, injured, and unable to provide for their family. However, Paul J Napoli urges anyone in this situation to step forward because they are helping to give an end to this type of treatment. Labor law issues can pose many threats to both parties; therefore it is in the best interest for both parties that they comply with all of the rules and regulations. Too many times have construction workers been hurt on the job due to shoddy equipment. A prime example of this is the recent summer crane fallings. The fact of the matter is that the crane company bribed investigators so that they could continue to use a crane that could not pass the safety standards. Due to the shady dealings of both the investigator and the crane company numerous people died and massive destruction was done to the upper east side of Manhattan. Hopefully this occurrence scared general contractor companies so that they would not even think of bribing safety inspectors. If you or a loved one has been victim to an act of negligence on behalf of an employer, contact Paul J Napoli and Napoli Bern Ripka LLP. They will be able to assess your case and determine the proper steps needed to take your case to justice. Don’t let your employer’s misjudgment affect the way you live your life.

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