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Padded Gig

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Padded Gig

At almost any guitar or music shop you will find a wide array of goodies at the or near the cash register that are put there to entice you to add to your total purchase. However, like candy near the check out at a grocery store, few are actually must have items. The must haves include; a pick (or two), a tuner to help you keep your instrument sounding it's best, a case for protection during transportation and if you are purchasing an electric guitar, a lead.

Picks are cheap and for a couple of dollars you can get a handful, try them out as you can't be sure that which one type will suit you the best.

Probably the easiest to use tuning aide would be a battery powered electronic tuner that listens to your strings through a built in microphone and displays a visual indication, with a metre or LED/LCD display, of the strings correct tuning. Other options for helping in tuning your guitar are a pitch pipe, made from 6 harmonic style reeds and the tuning fork, which is used a reference for a single string and then all other strings are tuned relative to that.

Last must have is the case. It may be tempting to leave the store with the your new guitar in it's cardboard box, but that becomes an impractical way to transport your guitar safely. There are really just two types of cases available to choose from, the soft and the hard. The soft and padded gig bag, is perfect for everyday protection from scratches, bumps and weather. The hardshell case offers greater protection but comes with a higher price.

So as you can see all the other "stuff" that is recommended are really just items that will bump up your final bill, stick with the must haves and don't get lured into buying too many of the "extras"

TKL 5200 Series Deluxe Padded Gig Bags

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