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Padded Bag

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Padded Bag

The reuse and recycling of packaging materials

Our best advice on the packaging series continues with tips on the reuse of bags and postal packaging Jiffy.

3 reasons for the reuse of the mail bags and padded envelopes jiffy

1) As the pressure on the environment and the need to save the nation grows, it is now critical for the conservation and reuse packaging.

2) The reuse of packaging is the best form of recycling, as it requires no additional energy use, either in processing or transport of packaging before use. It simply extends the life of their mail bags jiffy.

3) Thinking ahead to how your customer receives your parcel, reducing unnecessary packaging and making it easier for customers to reuse bags jiffy mail, or padded envelopes, could have believed that packs buy and make better use of packaging materials to keep ".

How to reuse plastic Jiffy Mail

  • At first, simply by the label and re-seal with packing tape. Avoid using staples to seal the bags, because they can cause tearing if you open a hurry by the beneficiary
  • Instead of typing the addresses by hand, use a label with the or address printed on the label attached documents. These mark under the surface of your e jiffy bag and are easy to label more
  • If a Jiffy bag has been written over or have a broken lid, simply place the envelope inside a padded Jiffy bag of paper or light post polythene bag with so that the reuse of the protective properties of light bubble Jiffy bag

Unfortunately, many types of title = "mailbag"> padded mailing bags are not recyclable, and that packages are compounds made of bubble wrap and paper. However, with care, these two materials can be separated and recycled separately. However, the traditional style padded Jiffy bags, made from 100% paper are both reusable and recyclable.

Burton Gig Bag- padded snowboard bag

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