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Nut Guitar

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Nut Guitar
what can I use to cut the slots in a guitar nut?

what can I use to cut slots in a guitar nut besides the files made for the job? What are the widths of the slots?

The files you mentioned would be best,they're not expensive and will last a life time,and though you can use a junior hacksaw that does leave the bottom of the groove somewhat square,not so good as this can cause something like fret buzz on open notes,very annoying.Avoid this by using some wet and dry paper to round them over,but this is difficult as it tends to widen the nut grooves,again,fret buzz.Bite the bullet and buy or borrow the file.As for sizes,that's easy,they're printed on the packet your new strings come in.You are fitting new strings,yeah?

Guitar Hero Nut Shot!

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