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novation nocturn
How do I begin mixing on my laptop?

I've been a DJ, mix and burn for a few months and have reached an impasse with the multitrackers vinyl. What I want is a program that allows me to record tracks (with guitar microphones, etc.), mix and crush the existing runways and could be used in the club, live. I'm not high tech IT, so I need to be very simple and probably would take a hand in the mixer / controller to go with it. I do not want spend a fortune (€ 150 - € 200), but I want something that will work and keep working! I looked at Ableton Live LE, and as the Novation Nocturn to start. Are they compatible? Are they going to do the job? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Tom

not easy studio-quality audio recording / editing software. You can get Sony Vegas for recording, editing and mixing software and PC get platinum Pioneer DJ mixing live. Both have a certain learning curve.

DJ Mag - Review the Novation Nocturn

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