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Neck Guitar

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Neck Guitar

The Gibson-EDS-1275 double-neck guitar has allowed guitarists to switch between a six-string to a twelve string guitar without even changing their instruments.

When you see a Gibson-EDS-1275, it may seem familiar because it is also the one used by Led Zeppelin's lead guitarist Jimmy Page when he played the song "Stairway to Heaven." This guitar model allowed him to play the whole song without pausing to change guitars.

Today, Gibson has re-launched the well famed double-neck guitar. It still bears the classic look but it is improved with the aid of today's modern guitar manufacturing technology.

Initially, the EDS-1275 Double neck was introduced as a hollow body guitar way back in 1958. And up to this day, this timeless classic is still a sought-after item nowadays. Even if Jimmy Page is the one who popularized it, you can embark on your own rock journey and make your own history!

This guitar is made by hand in Nashville and the two necks are made of solid-maple, both attached to a classic SG body made of solid mahogany wood for that unique and solid tone. These are made to match the classic Gibson 1960s super slim taper neck, the one Jimmy Page fell in love with.

The fingerboards are made out of rosewood, both necks have 20 frets. The fretboard is decorated with a Pearloid tilt diamond pattern inlay and a single ply binding that gives the guitar a more classic look and feel.

This double neck has two PAF type pickups: a 490 Alnico humbucker pickup installed for the bridge pickup and a 498 humbucker pickup installed for the neck pickup. This setting is applied on both the six string and the twelve strings.

The SG EDS-1275 Double Neck Guitar features genuine tune-o-matic bridges in addition to vintage tuners and three-way selector switches installed to both guitars. Both the 6-string and the 12-string guitars have their own separate volume controls.

The guitar comes with a genuine certificate of authenticity, a customer care kit and a Gibson Custom Hardshell Case.

The EDS-1275 Jimmy Page used has a slight difference in terms of body shape compared to the present model. Over the years, the shape of the guitar body was changed. Unlike the current 3-piece maple setup, the one Jimmy Page used uses a one piece mahogany bi-neck setup. Its tailpieces are situated close to the guitar body's base and the PAF humbucker pickups.

Just recently, Gibson has released the Jimmy Page Signature model of the EDS-1275 double neck guitar.

It has an additional feature that fixes the main flaw of the EDS-1275.

The EDS-1275 was nicknamed as "The Aerial" because it known to pick up radio interferences.

Jimmy Page's EDS-1275 double neck guitar has a ground connection that is installed between the 6-string tailpiece and the jack; this is added to eliminate or reduce any unwanted humming sounds due to interferences.

Follow the steps left by Jimmy Page or simply create your own stairway to heaven with the EDS-1275 Double neck guitar.

Double Neck Guitar Build

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