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Music Production

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Music Production
Music production?

Im planning on going to MI (Musicians Institute) in 2009 and planning on becoming a music producer. Is what I found out that I do in my future ... is being in the music business. Although I am sure this is what I do, I have fairly little experience in this field and wondered if perhaps anyone had any pointers on what I could do to be more aware of the musical production. I live in Atlanta, so I'm sure there could be some kind of class or something for teens who want to follow, but do not really know what to look or where to start.

Hey, I was accepted in the IM (percussion program) in 2003 also. But couldnt stay because I have the loan balance of $ 2,500. But I produce my own CDs / DVD as a solo artist so I'll tell you what I've learned so far from personal experience in the past 2 years of recording demo CD. Read the last tecnhiques recording and burning software such as Sonar, Cubase (my personal fav!) Apple Garage Band, Cakewalk for PC. Also, sharpen your calendar by using of, "a track Click" in all projects to avoid mistakes of time together. Moreover, the practice of using too much like a metronome metronomes QuickTime murderer. Get to know the difference between 70BPMS (beats per minute) and 100 BPMS. Also, learn to read music (notation) and guitar chords (tablature) And remember ... each band is different in terms of style, gender, stage presence, dynamics and so has to "feel" for each band as come to you. Also, use triggers to DDrum miking live drums in recording sessions. They save a lot of time. Furthermore, the use of locking tuners as Sperzels or Schallers on guitars too to keep the guitar goes "off key" during the recording sessions. I've had this happen to me many times and is a waste of time and waste of money. Good luck

Step By Step Music Production

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